Preparing For A Pandemic Flu In Ardmore

  Ardmore city leaders plan to be ready if pandemic flu strikes. Emergency and health workers met and talked about how to deal with a major virus outbreak. KTEN's Hailee Holliday reports.
Groups discussed how the effects of a pandemic flu can be lessened if you prepare ahead of time, especially since everyone around the world could be at risk.     
According to The American Public Health Association, a pandemic flu outbreak could send millions to the hospital and kill hundreds of thousands.     
There have been three flu pandemics in the last 100-years.     
City leaders say a pandemic would touch every aspect of society, so every part of society must begin to prepare.  
Wednesday, different groups mapped out and discussed the roles they would play and how they would plan for the possibility that usual services could be disrupted.
United Way's Tobi Daniel Ervin says, "In terms of getting help of all kinds, whether it's volunteer drivers, people to pick up medications and deliver food distribution. There's all kinds of resources that could be available in the event of a pandemic event."
Ardmore Police Chief David Leonardo says, "We would quickly be stretched to our limits because there would be all of those normal problems people have, plus there would be problems caused by the pandemic."
City leaders say although they are preparing for the unknown, what they do know is if this disaster were to hit, everyone's help will be needed.

Hailee Holliday, KTEN News