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Preparedness Kit Salmonella

You and your family have survived the natural or man-made disaster but your home has been destroyed.

Proper preparation and drills ensured that your family gathered at the designated location. Everyone is uninjured and your daughter brought the Emergency Preparedness Kit (Go Bag, Disaster Supplies Kit).

Congratulations!  You were prepared.

To celebrate the good fortune, your son and daughter lay out the first meal from your rations.

Six hours later, your son is vomiting, your spouse is nauseous, and you have abdominal pains and diarrhea. Your pet is retching. What went wrong?

 dog retching

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Skating through disaster

  • 600,000 homes and businesses without power

  • 12 fatalities

  • 77 Oklahoma counties under federal emergency declaration

As Oklahoma exits tornado season and enters ice storm weather, is your business prepared?

A couple weeks from now mark the anniversary of the mid-December 2007 ice storm. The above figures for Oklahoma’s most devastating ice storm dwarf the previous high of 255,000 without power during the January 2002 ice storm.